Why Automated External Defibrillators Are Important

In an industrial setting, the risk of electrical shocks and accidents are very high and thus having first aid measures important to increase chances of survival and provide help at the site as soon as possible. An automated external defibrillator is an important link this first aid response and increasing survival in a life-threatening accident. The first minutes after an accident have occurred are the most critical time in helping a victim. Having a fully qualified first aid technician on the accident site can increase the chances of the victim surviving, and it also decreases the chances of developing long-term damage. If a person gets electrocuted, the main threat to the personal health is the development of heart attack due to the shock.Read_more_from_ aeds . The circulation of high levels of electricity through a person body interferes with the normal electrical patterns that operate the heart. This causes the heart to lose its natural rhythm and condition known as cardiac arrhythmia. This condition can result in a full cardiac arrest.
An automated external defibrillator is a perfect treatment for irregular cardiac rhythm after one has been shocked. These machines are identical to those in hospitals used for treating patients suffering from heart problems. However, they are slightly different in the way they work and are designed to provide care immediately to victims at the site of the accident.
These devices are important in that it can be used by a person who is not a professional in the medical field as long as the basic training has been given to the individual. This makes it possible to use an external defibrillator in workplaces. The ease of using this machine is attributed to the fact that it is automated. It as a computer that can collect details from the victim, analyze the information obtained and then tell the exact problem of the patient. These devices can deliver a controlled and an accurate current to the patient to reverse the irregular heart rhythm and allow the heart to go back to its normal rhythm.
Several features make this device easy to use.Read_more_from_ aeds . One it can be used by almost everyone since most of its operation and diagnosis is done by the machine and not the one operating it. Again this machine will provide feedback to the technician. The device will determine if there is any treatment needed and it will shock the patient if there is a need for that.
An automated external defibrillator is a very important device in saving lives during accidents, and therefore all workplaces should have at least one of these devices.Read_more_from_https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automated_External_Defibrillators.